Allsports Indoor Smeaton Grange is bringing a new game to indoor sports. Created by esteemed cricket coach and former NSW Indoor Cricket Captain Barry Clapson, Bash Ball is designed for maximum action and maximum fun.

Barry’s aim is to give kids a new, fast and exciting game they have never played before and at the same time increase fitness, hand eye coordination and participation in junior cricket whilst in a healthy environment.

✅Perfect as an introduction to first time cricket players.

✅You don’t need to organise a team just register yourself.

✅Improves batting and bowling skills.

✅Increases fitness

✅Fast and Fun

✅For Boys and Girls aged between 9-13yrs of age.

It makes big bash cricket look like slow motion!

Allsports Indoor Smeaton Grange will be playing Bash Ball every Wednesday afternoon between 4.00pm-6.00pm. FREE TRIAL on the 29th of August.

To register your interest go to http://allsports.spawtz.com/External/Registration/ or call us on 4648 1167.

For all interested indoor centres please contact Fiona at [email protected]